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Today’s featured creature is Boaris. His home planet is Prok, which resides in the Swinerus Nebula (that’s about 5 parsecs away from the Nacob Wormhole). Boaris is an aggressive species but thrives on eating both meat and plant lifeforms. Boaris has been forced to evolve amidst a bevy of larger species that reside on planet Prok including: Proclargesciusow, Stiploine, and the always dangerous Rowstbeesticus.



  1. Hi Dave Mosher, it’s Dave Mosher. Apparently we both have the same name, run a blog, and like the game Spore (well, at least when it comes out).
    Howdy 😀

  2. Heh, uncanny coincidence. I have a number of other spore creature creations that I have yet to post. And yes, I’m highly anticipating the release of Spore this September 🙂

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