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Normally I think most people would associate work with emotions other than bliss. It’s not often in life you can find yourself working in a job with people who are on the same page as you. It’s also not too often in life you can find yourself working in a job where the things you are passionately interested in are what people want you to work on. Combine the two previously mentioned “hard-to-find” qualities with a brand new MacBook Pro and a healthy salary (there’s something to be said for getting paid well for the things you love to do) and you have what I would consider the recipe for the perfect job; aka: work bliss.

Me toting my brand new MacBook Pro

Me toting my brand new MacBook Pro

Today is my first day at VendAsta and already I’ve been able to configure my work environment the way I want (3 cheers for TextMate, SVN, FireBug, FireWorks) after being told if there was anything I need to just let them know and they’d have no problem getting it. So I got right into things, checked out a few projects from SVN that we’re working on utilizing Django and Google App Engine. Normally at a new job you’d probably have a lot of red tape and “new hire” overhead to go through; not at VendAsta. <sarcasm>I couldn’t believe there was *gasp* documentation for the projects!</sarcasm> There’s something to be said for working with quality processes like Scrum and Agile, and great tools like JIRA and GoogleApps at a software development company; try working without these things, it’s just not fun.

I think the thing I’ve been impressed with most in my first day at VendAsta is the fact that there are people who are willing to listen to my ideas. I don’t feel intimidated at all, the culture here is very welcoming and open and the tools provided make it very easy to actually want to be as productive as you can be. Obviously it’s only the first day on the job so I can’t expect you all to take everything I’m saying at face value. Time will tell how things pan out, but after the first day I can definitely say that my first day @ VendAsta has been far more enlightening and empowering than a couple of years working for other companies 🙂


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  1. Hurray for blogging! So very excited that you have found bliss at work, of all places. Congrats buddy!

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