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I've been meaning to get back into recording some of the billion ideas in my head into digital format. Mostly so I can move on and maybe use the bits and pieces of riffs I keep playing over and over, but also cause I eventually want to get to the point where I can record a few songs playing all the instruments. (I can play the instruments now, it's just the recording techniques and the software/hardware I need to get my head around).

I was working on an idea tonight on guitar, laid down 2 tracks with the pretty spiffy fourtrack app for the iPhone and then started mulling over what to do next. Ended up talking to @darylpierce (aka plushdaryl) and he got me to download the most excellent reaper to test out some of the features. A couple of .ogg files later and he'd laid down a bass groove and a scratch beat to go with. It's not pretty, but it was fun and I think it will lead to more experimentation.

I called it "mayerish" cause it reminded me of something John Mayer might write on guitar 😛

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  1. I was thinking John Mayer too, before I even read your bit at the bottom there.

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